Born in Nice in November 1968, he continued studying law, but soon other aspirations take over. He moved some time in Paris and worked as assistant photographer.

In 1990 back on the coast, he returned to the Municipal School of Fine Arts in Nice, and devoted himself to painting, but he can not live. From small jobs in galley, this self decides to settle his account as photographer independence.

He formed his first studio in 1994, through its collaboration with the workshop of Merle and catalog mail order of teleshopping.

Over the years he also collaborates with many other photographers Lorieux Jean Daniel, Sordello Jean Michel, Romero Jean Francois...

Today's niche of choice remains the picture of beauty, wellness and health.

That did not stop to explore many other areas, through graphic and thematic experiences.

"I think what a job it should be fun and it is important to find new playgrounds to call into question."

In May 2004, he made a trip to Bulgaria and soon finds a creative excitement.

He launched in a bid to fool around in Eastern Europe in Trabant. Today he is working on many photographic productions with these countries.

Thanks to its local partners, Czechs, Polish, and Bulgarians, it is easy to find alternatives solutions to its customers ... SOLUCE PHOTO was born.